Monday, December 14, 2015

Transfer day~ new companion again!

Hey guys!

So this morning we got transfer calls and Elder Liefson and Lavin are going to Medina and Niagara Falls. So Elder Holmberg and I will be staying and getting Elder Pederson and Russell, so it should be fun!

So this week I went on exchanges with Elder Liefson and we had a lesson with Randy that went really good and he's almost done with the Book of Mormon! We also had a lesson with Brian and he's not progressing too much. That turned more into arguing but we turned it around by the end and read 3 Nephi 11 and he quietly sat in his seat and by the end he said he really liked it. So hopefully this week he will be a little more open.

We did a lot of the usual stuff but a lot of the students are busy since it’s finals week. We had dinner at the Moons again and there were a lot of the recent converts there for dinner too so it was good to fellowship with them.

Then on Sunday we went to the senior center again and we were able to teach the cop there that does security and we are really good friends now so hopefully it goes somewhere. He was really interested in the bishop’s storehouse stuff and food storage. Idk how he heard about it but he really likes how we do that stuff as a religion. But my favorite thing from this week was we had dinner with this young family named the Larson’s. They are awesome! The funniest part is; they have quads! So, they have four little three year olds who are the cutest kids ever! So I got to play with them after dinner. I will try and get pictures next time and we might go there for Christmas.

Have a good week!

Love you!

I can't believe I Forgot! A member of the seventy came to the mission and we were able to have like a five-hour meeting with him and learn from him and it was sooo awesome. I learned so much and it’s always a blessing to have people like him come. His name is Elder Sweitzer? He and his wife are the ones without name-tags in the pictures.

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