Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 21st, 2015

Hey guys!

So to start this week off, on p-day we went to a park just down the road and we invited our downstairs neighbors to come play Frisbee and basketball. It was a relaxing day and it was good to get to know our neighbors more. They are from Africa so sometimes it's hard to understand them because of their accents, but it was a really nice day and it got up to 69 degrees! In the middle of December! But since then it's finally snowed and gotten pretty cold so back to normal.

Tuesday was transfers so we went up to Pittsford and Elder Holmberg and I got our new companions. They are both pretty good so far. They are newer missionaries, only been out about six months. As far as normal missionary work goes this week we had a lot of appointment cancel on us, even with our normal people. We did have a lesson with Marissa and she came to the ward Christmas party this Saturday and she really enjoyed it and got to know a lot of the members. We have been trying to go around to all of the members in the area and mark down if they are active, less active, if their address even exists, a do not contact, etc... So it’s been a lot of driving and meeting new people from the ward this week.

Saturday, we had the ward Christmas party and it was really good! A lot of the members brought their friends, Marissa came, and it was just really fun. One cool thing was there was a deaf man from the Rochester 3rd ward and Elder Holmberg and I were able to go and sign and have a conversation with him. His wife and also a couple people in the ward know ASL so they were all signing. And he gave me my sign name, which is a name in sign language, which you can only get from someone who is deaf so that's pretty cool.

Sunday, we had a Christmas program and then afterwards we had a munch and mingle with all of the leftover food from the party, then a lot of Sunday was spent cleaning up from the party, and doing all of the dishes. Then that night we went to the senior center, did the usual stuff, visited with some members there, sang Christmas songs and the cop there taught Elder Holmberg and I how to play "I'm yours" on the ukulele.

Next week is Christmas! And my m excited to talk to you guys! I'm going to be at the Larson’s, the family with the quads so it should be super fun!

Have a good week! I'm sure you will ;)!

Love you!

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