Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

Hello everybody!

This week was pretty good as usual. Last p-day we went to Letchworth before it starts to get cold and we can actually enjoy it. I think I got all of the pictures to you last week mom.

Tuesday, we were able to meet with Randy and he is doing really good. He is reading from the Book of Mormon and he said he believes it to be true. He sees how helps us with everything. He thinks a lot about the end times and all of the things are going on in the world and he sees how the Book of Mormon is meant to help us prepare for those situations. The only problem is, he lost his drivers license but he applied to get it back so hopefully that works out.

Wednesday, we saw Brian and read the Book of Mormon with him. Then that night we had dinner at the Moons. Thursday I was on exchanges with elder Holmberg. I stayed in Geneseo because we live in the same apartment but just switched companions. It was way fun! I think Elder Holmberg might be my best friend on the mission so far, so I am glad I get to be at least in the same apartment. So, we went to the food pantry in the morning, then we had district meeting, and then that night we went to a club meeting on campus for ASL and we were able to talk to lots of people there!  ASL- American Sign Language and Elder Holmberg knows it. He's an ASL missionary and I've picked up a lot of it too. So we will be going to that every week now. I’m not to good at it yet but I can have conversations in it and if I don't know the sign I can at least spell it out for now. It's cool because all throughout the day we have conversations in sign language.

Then, late that night we had a lesson with a girl named Marissa (who neither of us had met before) at Wegman’s at the cafe and it went really well!

Friday, we met with Randy again. Saturday we were able to meet with on of our investigators named Rick. He is super awesome and unlike the others who don't have cars or licenses to get to church, he has a 350 z, a BMW, and a brand new Cadillac Escalade. He owns a liquor store but doesn't drink but he's planning on selling it. He is very well off and open which generally don't tend to go together. Also he’s planting a vineyard so that's pretty cool. Yesterday we had ward council, good church meetings, and a meeting with bishop after. With the new stake president we are working with the bishop and a lot is going to change hopefully for the good. We will see! I really like this ward and the members. I would mind staying here for the rest of my mission. The gospel doctrine class is my favorite because one of the biggest talk radio hosts here in New York is a member of the ward and he's a really good teacher! Everyone you talk to the only two Mormons they know are Mitt Romney and Bob Lonsberry. But it's a good way how he does his missionary work by setting an example and talking about his beliefs on air.

Then last night we went to the senior center again in Mt. Morris.

Hope you guys had a good week!

Love you!

Wearing Elder Liefson's glasses 
cuz' it makes me look smart !

Some members we are working with. 

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