Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day~ May 10th 2015

It was good to talk to you guys for a bit this week! Nothing much went on except for the things I told you. We gave Vlad a Ukrainian Book of Mormon and three days later he is on alma 19 and he says he really likes it. He came to church and said he liked the spirit that he felt and wants to come every week. We are still trying to find someone who speaks Russian, or Ukrainian so we can understand him. We went and chopped lots of wood on Saturday. About five hours straight of splitting while Elder Gunner stacked it all. Then some other people from the ward just kept chopping down more trees and they said we only got about a forth of the way done. We had an investigator have us over for dinner this week and her kids really like us and she let us teach her kids all about the Book of Mormon. Knocked on a bunch of doors and it's still really hot and humid! That's pretty much it!

Love ya!

Pictures from our 2 hour Skype session on mother's day. He is doing good!  He isn't liking the hot, humid weather already though.  We love and miss him!

 This is as cool as it gets in the apartment.

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