Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9th, 2015~ Transfers to Brockport!!! YAY!!!

Hey guys!

My birthday was great! Thanks for the birthday wishes and the package!
We went over to the Millers that night and had cake and dinner and played a little game ;). Hornell also came down for dinner. We had a pretty good week this week. We did service for some members cutting down trees and we moved some furniture for some other members from the retirement home back to their house. We had all of the normal things going on as well this week and the weather has been a little warmer too. We got a new investigator this week from one of the members but he has some mental issues and will be had to teach I think. And the big news for this week was transfers!! So I'm going to Brockport up by Rochester!! My new companion is going to be Elder Gubler and we are flushing the area!! So, we are both going to be new there and just try to figure things out as we go but I'm super excited! We are going to be able to do so much work and I'm super stoked!!

Anyways, that's the exciting news!

Love, Elder Daugs

 A little about Brockport:

Brockport, NY is a small, safe and beautiful town of 8,100 residents located on the historic Erie Canal. Brockport is located 16 miles (about 25.7 km) west of Rochester, NY and about 45 miles (about 72.4 km) east of Buffalo, NY.
Packing up!  He's excited for the change and to get closer to the BIG cities!  He says he can't fit everything in.  I guess we need to stop sending him stuff. 
 New Suit and tie for his birthday. Addison shopped for the suit and got a good deal and mom sent a few ties.  This tie was a fun one that she wasn't sure if he would like, but I guess he likes it!

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  1. He sounds so excited for the transfer. Change is good, it gives you a new perspective on your service and new ideas to help teach the gospel, Glad he had a great birthday. We love him and so happy he has the opportunity to serve our Savior. Love Grandma Iris