Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16th, 2015 ~ Loving life in Brockport!

Hello guys,                                                                     March 16, 2015

So this week was great! 
Monday morning we got transfer calls and I was kind of surprised that I was leaving Wellsville. I thought I would be staying another transfer but I'm sure glad that I came here. My new companion is Elder Gubler, from Spanish Fork and he's really awesome! We get along super good and we do tons of work!

Tuesday was transfer meeting and Elder Vickers, my trainer went home.
Then since we are flushing the area we didn't know anything. We didn't
know where Brockport was, where our apartment was, etc... So we've
kind of been winging it for a day or two. We finally made it to
Brockport and found our apartment then we looked on the calendar and
we had a meal appointment with some members two cities away! So, we
went searching for their house.

Brockport is awesome!! It's a ward that covers a pretty big area, and the members are really cool and on board to help with missionary work. We have a super awesome ward mission leader, Bro. Britton, who’s pretty young and is really on top of things. A bunch of the members are willing to go around with us on visits and teaching appointments and some of them even call us and set up appointments for us to go out. Bro McNeese is a cop in Rochester, which is a really crazy job; he says he has to deal with stabbings, shootings and drugs, every single day! Crazy job! And he's the only LDS cop out of 700 in Rochester. But he's really cool and goes out on visits with us. He said he didn't really like the last missionaries very much but now that we are here he wants to go out more. We are also going around setting up family mission plans with all of the active families to get them all involved in the missionary work. We got a new investigator this week but we haven't been able to contact her again. Brockport is a college town so it reminds me of Logan a lot, except no mountains. I'm not too far from Rochester and from he Great Lakes, so that's cool. The Erie Canal runs right through Brockport but it's frozen right now so I'll send you pictures when it melts. There are tons of food places here to eat
and it's going to make me fat because it's all so good! Haha there is
probably 15 different local pizza places alone! 

Anyways, Brockport is great and I love it here!

Love ya!

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