Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hey my week has been pretty good!

On Tuesday we went to Rochester for a mission wide meeting and Elder Evans from the seventy and Elder Allan from the head of the mission department came and talked to as a little about iPads and how we will get updated ones and how we are going to restart on how we use them for missionary work. But the majority of the meeting was about how the mission prepares us for the rest of our life. It was a really great meeting!!

Then, after the meeting we did exchanges and Elder Gibby came with me down to Wellsville. He's really cool! He's from Idaho and he has a pig farm with over 30,000 pigs and they have pigs in China and all over the world.

We went to institute on the way back at Alfred and had that for an hour and afterwards we had a lot of extra brownies from he meeting, so we went around and handed them to random students across campus, which was great for getting us seen around campus and people more familiar with us. It was kind of funny. Most of them were excited to get the brownies, but some were a little skeptical about what was in the brownies!

Then, the next day we had a couple lessons with less actives. Then we exchanged back the next day. We had district meeting on Thursday as usual. Then we went to Alfred to talk with a member on Friday and he invited us to this activity that the students in his dorm were doing so we went there and got familiar with a couple of the students.

Sunday, we had church but a bunch of people were out of town so we had 15 members plus the missionaries. Then we had dinner at the Millers and with the Alfred students, which was good to get to know them better! It's snowed a couple of days and no snow has melted yet so just keeps building up. We went through a couple Amish communities this week, which was interesting to see their way of life.
Other than that, nothing to exciting going on.

Love ya!

P.S. to dad:

I don't mind the cold. Snow caving sounds fun! I wish I could have gone! You are getting old! Not really though most of the missionaries parents are in there sixties. Nothing too exciting going on here in Wellsville. Transfers are next week though. 

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