Monday, June 20, 2016

Staying in West Seneca

Hey guys!

It sounds like you guys had a fun time in Alaska and Seattle!

This week was a pretty hot on here in New York for a couple of the days. But the missionary work goes on regardless. We are kinda like Mailmen. Rain or shine. So for p-day we had all of the youth come to the church and we played some basketball, and this game that's kinda a mixbetween, dodgeball and lightning. So it's a free for all but only one ball and you can only take two steps. And if you get out you sit down but if the person that got you out gets out your back in so its pretty fun especially with all of the youth!

Then that night we had service for Katy doing some  landscaping which isn't my favorite but I've had a little experience at it so we do it a lot! We went over a couple other nights to help to and we had some lessons too so that was good and she ending up coming to church yesterday! So the service payed off! Also she bought Elder Fielding and I some ice cream so bonus!

Elder Fielding and I went on exchanges on Tuesday and that was a lot of fun! I really like having elder peters and fielding in the ward and the district. We have a lot of fun! And for some reason we just click with the ward really well. We did some service at Burchfield Park spreading 6 truckloads of wood chips on the playgrounds. Then we went to another guy to do more landscaping and he had a Book of Mormon and said he is going to read it and he also wanted to make a donation to the church for what we've done so that's really cool! We had a lot of lessons with less-actives this week and they were all pretty receptive and open to us coming by again. We found some more people to add to the ward list who referred themselves through so that is always really cool to see the people come out of the cracks and back into the church. Also a couple new families moved into the ward.

We did the usual tracting and trying to find new people and we met two cool guys this week. One took a Book of Mormon and is interested in meeting with us again and just wants to talk about religion and life.

The other guy was really awesome! He said "I felt the spirit when you guys were walking down the street" and he was saying all of the right things. For example he said he doesn't like it when churches have crosses he said "Jesus isn't dead anymore... Take him down" he also believe there is only one church and that's the church of Jesus Christ... Which so happens to be our church! He thinks there's a lot of corruption in all of the different churches so hopefully we can help him see we have the truth!
Other than that everything was normal.

Oh, and I am staying another transfer.  I am finishing my mission in West Seneca with Elder Marks. 

Have a good week! 

Love you!

I had to buy it! :)

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