Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 13, 2016

Hey guys!

So for this week we did a lot more of the usual stuff like tracting, trying to visit potentials, etc... We went to the Mashburn’s and set up a family mission plan with them mostly just setting goals with them to develop good habits in the church like scripture study, prayer, family history, etc... We have been talking a lot about pageant with people just telling them about it and how it connects to the Book of Mormon and people are a little more open to that since they've usually heard about it before and heard that it's a really good show. So I hope that at least one of the people we've talked to about it actually makes it out to see it. All of the members in the ward are also inviting all of their friends, neighbors, etc... Even the primary kids are handing out a bunch of pass along cards for it.

We had Visit with the Garbaz’s who is the family who texted you a picture a couple weeks ago mom. They are really nice and a super awesome family but they are mostly just friends with the missionaries, not interested in joining the church but they might go to pageant so that would be cool! We don't really have lessons but we just answer a lot of questions about the church, so hopefully some seeds are planted. We also had some good visits this week with some active families like the Robison’s and he Alessi's. We went and did some service for the Alessi's and had dinner with them as well and they are really great! I was able to just talk about the future and get some more good advice and council from brother Alessi. I just like talking with people and seeing all they've done to find success and happiness in their lives.

We also did a bunch of other service at a nature park here in West Seneca, mostly cutting down perennials and they have about 10000 of them so we only got part way done with all four missionaries. We also cleaned up a couple abandoned houses and one of them had a ton of stuff! Weed up to your waist, and old pool and deck that had to be taken out, etc... And I also changed the spark plugs in the Mashburn’s car for them so that was fun!

The ward had a baptism this Saturday. Just one of the primary kids but there was a few non-members there so that was good and they seemed to really enjoy it. Then Sunday we had all of our usual meetings. Ward correlation at 7:15, then ward council, sacrament and we had a choir performance this week, and scheduling stuff with members for this next week. Then we went to the Robison’s for dinner again to finish the Sunday.
So overall a pretty good week!

Love you!

Found this tracting this week. 

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