Monday, February 29, 2016

The seed was planted..... and it grew!!!

Hey guys!

So this week was a little different than the usual, some bad and some good. We ended up doing quite a bit of service again this week and we recently started volunteering at a place called the Teresa house and it's a hospice type house thing. There is only two patients there at a time but we go for a couple hours once a week and just help around. We don't really do anything with the residents except for visiting with them. Usually we will just clean, make food, restock stuff, get stuff for the nurse, etc.. We went to the senior center but not to do service. We have a member who lives there so we went to go visit and we gave her a blessing. As for lessons this week we weren't able to meet with Trisha and Malissa because they were busy or out of town. Then we tried Brian but we knocked on his door and his wife came to the door and said he broke his femur bone when he slipped on the ice and he was still in the hospital and he can't walk around at all for a month. Randy was super busy. Rick was super busy. We had a lesson with Marissa and Steve and they are slowly but surely progressing so that's great! We also had the usual couple less actives that we see each week and trying to help them. We've been watching past conference talks with them in preparation for this next conference coming up.

On Thursday, we had zone conference for most of the day, which was really good. It's always great to go and see the other missionaries, president, and to learn. President is really trying to end his mission on a sprint because he finishes like two weeks before me so he's almost done with his 3 years. Then that night we went to the Pfaff’s for dinner, which was great!

Saturday, we had an Elders quorum bowling activity in mount Morris and that was a lot of fun! Somehow I won by total luck! Because I suck at bowling! But it was good to get together with them and we had some less actives come too! Then on I got to play the piano for primary and that was a lot of fun! Some of those kids are pretty crazy but they're awesome! And that was my week! Have a good week!

Love you!

P.S. -  Do you remember that Ukrainian guy Elder Gubler and I found in Brockport and taught? He got baptized! So, I know I didn't baptize, him but I'm countin' it ;)

FHE at the Pfaff's

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