Monday, February 22, 2016

February 21, 2016

Hey guys!

So this week we finally got some snow and that means we were doing lots of shoveling. It happened all of the sudden so we got 18 inches over night and nobody could go out. There was even a travel ban but we still went out because we have a truck and we were helping people shovel. We just went street to street for a couple days shoveling people out.  We were able to find a couple of people to teach that way so it was good. I'm a little sore but oh well. So, it was a pretty exciting week!

We had a lesson with Marissa and her family, a couple less actives, Malissa and Trisha, and we had a family home evening with investigators at the Pfaffs on Thursday.

Cool story about Livonia (where brother Pfaff lives).  It is where the first mission of the church went (Samuel Smith, Joseph's brother) and he handed out one Book of Mormon to the young family and it was the book that Brigham ended up reading from and being converted in Mendon a couple miles north.

We also had a normal family home evening on Monday with out investigators. We moved a couple of people, and found some new places to volunteer. So, one is a hospice house where we just clean the house, restock supplies, etc... And then I felt like we should go up to the senior center in Geneseo and see if we could volunteer and they said they had an orientation the next day so we showed up and there was three sororities from the college volunteering. So, now it is four missionaries and 60 college girls who volunteer there and they said it was really good because all of the guys living there don't have anything to do because the sororities plan dances, fingernail painting, etc.. and they can't participate. So the senior center should be fun! ;) Haha!!

Anyways, most of this week was service. I hope all of you had a good week!

Love you!

 Look what I found at the food pantry!  GOSSNER'S MILK!

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