Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9th, 2015

This week has been ok, nothing too exciting except for more snow. The week was pretty slow. We've run out of less actives to visit and there's only three I think that we can maybe get back active eventually. We went tracking in Alfred in the nicer neighborhoods to try and find some new people to teach but no one really too interested.

I went on exchanges this week over to Bath with Elder Houghton and that was good we got a lot of stuff done that day. We went and helped a guy finish his basement in the morning so it kind of reminded me of working with dad again! Then we went to the car dealership to get their car looked at and we were able to talk to a guy there and give away a Book of Mormon. We also went to a Book of Mormon class that they have at their branch and helped teach/ participate in that. We were also able to work with a couple of less actives there and they said they want to come back to church so that's awesome. We had a meal appointment with the Herringtons at this little diner and had a fish fry Friday, which is really popular here in NY. Other than that nothing too exciting or interesting going on. We need to find something more effective because nothing is working right now. I hope the weather over there gets better so you can get some moisture. You can take some of mine if you want!

People here only have one calling. There are just a bunch of unfilled spots. No young men's or women's, no high priests, one elders quorum president, no counselors, no gospel principles, no home teachers, no branch mission leader, etc... So, not even all of these people have callings.

That's cool you are going on a family cruise! I wish I could go. Where does it go?

We aren't doing much for p-day just hanging out at the church. I convinced Elder Christensen to go to Alfred university and to go and play basketball there tonight in their rec facility to see if we can meet some more people so that should be fun!

Love ya, 

 Elder Daugs 

Hornell Branch President ( check out his shoes!)

Weight lifting during the spare time.

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