Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16th, 2015

Hey this week was pretty normal except for a few things. We had interviews with president in Hornell on Tuesday, so I got to talk with him for a while and with AP’s, which was good!

Then, Tuesday night we had institute finally at Alfred. There's only six girls that come but when we were on campus trying to find this kid that is a member that moved to Alfred, we found him and then his residence assistant person came and was talking to me and turns out she went to church until she was twelve but she's not interested at all about coming back. Then, kind of weird she invited is to his campus wide yoga thing but I figured I didn't want to go and do yoga in dress clothes. We've gone tracting a couple of times no success though.

We also had zone meeting in Canandaigua on Thursday and that was pretty good. There's a ton of new people on the zone that got here last transfer. It has snowed a couple of days here and president told me to go and shovel snow for random people to see if anything comes of it and I tried to get Elder Christensen to go but he wouldn't. Then, for the past couple days it's been super cold, highs are below zero and it's usually pretty windy so with wind chill it's well below -20 so we aren't supposed to go outside so it's been pretty boring. You can get frostbite after ten minutes when it's that cold so nothing much you can do about it. They even cancelled church for a bunch of branches and wards because of the cold. So for church we just went to the Millers and had lunch and listened to some talks and Elder Miller gave his priesthood lesson he prepared. That's pretty much it!

Love ya!

It looks nice, but it is -21 degrees! Too cold to go outside.

 Puzzle sent from mom to work on.

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