Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Zone changes~ Staying in Wellsville

Hey guys!                                                                   January 27th, 2015

Well this was an exciting week! We had all of the usual stuff going on of course, visiting less actives, meetings, cold, etc.... So I'll just tell you about some of the interesting things from the week. We are more in a finding phase right now trying to get new investigators so we went tracting a couple of times and we went to this one neighborhood which is the nicer one for around Wellsville called standards. Anyways, we went there and every single person said they weren't interested but for some reason everyone was super nice. Several people let us in or came out and talked on their door steps for ten, fifteen minutes, all super nice, had good conversations. They even thanked us for coming around and knocking on their doors! Which is surprising since some people threaten to call the cops on us but they were thankful! The downside is none of them were interested in having us come back.

Another good thing happening in the area is the college students are finally back in school so that gives makes our congregation a little bigger. So, there are two colleges in our area literally right next to each other. One side of the street is one college and across the street is the other. So there's I think five girls that are going to school there that come to Wellsville for church. Another plus with school back is there's institute classes once a week were we can try and get some of the other members at the school to go to. We now have lots more people to go and contact and they're around our age so that's a plus! They have a gym where we can play basketball some nights and try to contact people! So pretty much, Alfred opening back up makes it a whole new area and the Branch President really wants us to focus on working with people up there.

The only other thing from this week was transfers calls were today! So,
18 Elders are coming out and some Sisters so the whole mission pretty much switched. We got a bunch of new zone leaders, a ton of people are training, some areas are closing, they're flushing a couple areas, there's sisters in new areas now, and pretty much everyone moved....except for me and Elder Christensen! We're still down in Wellsville! It's crazy because literally almost everyone moved or changed! So, today for p-day the entire zone is going to Canandaigua to play basketball and stuff since everyone's moving so that'll be fun!
Love ya guys!

Elder Daugs

 Palmyra South Zone

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