Monday, January 19, 2015

Don't touch the chairs!!

Hey guys!                                                                                           January 18th, 2015

So this week we visited a few less actives but not as many as we've been doing in the past couple weeks. Five or six of them actually requested that their records be removed from the church so it pretty sad be cause they know what they're missing out on but it's just not that important to them. David had his missionary farewell this week and he's heading over to Japan so our huge congregation got one less! And the branch president and his wife came back to town so it's a little bit more organized at church now. It was kind of crazy and disorganized and none of the members knew what to do without them. We had exchanges this week and Elder Baldwin came down to Wellsville with me from bath. We had a lesson with three less actives but none of them can come to church at this point, which sucks. One has fainting problems where he just falls over at random times so be doesn't want to be in church and do that. The others don't have cars and one has an anxiety problem were he can't go to church so.... Don't know what to do there because they have pretty legit excuses. Then we went and found a new investigator who is super nice and asks tons of good questions and seems somewhat interested. She’s 20 so around our age and that makes it so much easier to talk to her than other old people,which is pretty much the rest of Wellsville. She's the best thing we have going right now so hopefully it works out!

Thursday, we had zone meeting in Canandaigua again and we had to drive two separate trucks up there so we both got to drive!

Friday, we had a lesson with Sierrah again (the 20 year old).  

Saturday, we were at the church and we started to set up chairs and we had it set up how we thought it normally was but later two members came and started to get mad at us and told us it was all wrong and yell at us and tell us how to do it right! You would've thought that they were going to excommunicate us for setting the chairs up wrong!! So apparently it has to be set up special or the church isn’t true or something?!?  Don't ask me?!  But anyways it has to be two rows of seven set up in the middle then a row of six, and the third and forth chair on the row have to be folding chairs because those people like them, then it splits to two columns of five chairs on each row and the third row back on the right side, second chair has to be a folding chair because that's sister Payne’s assigned seat! And a full row on the back and the chairs the people who pass the sacrament can't be the folding chairs! So pretty simple! I don think there's any possible way to do it!? Anyways these people are set on their ways!

Today, we’re hanging out as a whole district and we're going to play games, make pizza, and do whatever sounds fun! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Daugs

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