Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014 ~ First week with my new companion

Rochester in the Fall

Hello!!                                                                                                  November 10, 2014

So this week was really busy!!

Monday we got transfer calls and figured out that Elder Vickers is going to Kodak Park in Greece. So, Monday he packed and then we did the usual p- day stuff.

Tuesday was the crazy day! The Freedom Elders are getting a new Nissan so we had to take their Colorado up to transfers in Pittsford. We also had to
take the back license plate from our truck because we still don't have the front one from the accident. The Freedom Elders didn't have a truck while we were at transfers. Then we got there and had the transfer meeting which was awesome! We got a new AP, Elder Bevan and a bunch of other missionaries went home. I got a new companion, Elder Smith and I got to see the other Elders from my MTC district for he first time! That was really great to see those guys again!! And now Elder Miller and Jones are in the Buffalo Stake so I'll get to see them a little more often. Then before we went home they were supposed to get us our other license plate but the DMV was closed so we couldn't get it so.... We had to take the Elders new truck and Cattaraugus' old truck for a temporary replacement until we could get our plates! So that meant we had to drive separate back down to Springville since we had
two trucks! So, I was all alone for two hours for the first time in 3 months! And it's not as exciting as you would think! Elder smith just followed right behind me back to Springville and I sat bored out of my mind in my truck! I had no music and I couldn't listen to the radio and I had no one to talk to! When we got there we went to Kelly's for dinner.

Wednesday we went and met some members, helped at the trading post, and went tracking. We got several potentials just from an hour of tracking! Then we went to family history night and I found some names and printed them off so I can take them to the temple!

Thursday we had district meeting, had dinner at the senior Owens and had game night, which was better than normal because 8 people showed up!

Friday we helped at the trading post for only an hour then Elder and Sister Ray came to clean and reorganize our apartment for 5 hours!!  We did a deep clean and set up the apartment so if we need to it can have four elders. They are super nice and have a granddaughter that goes to mountain crest. Then we went tracking in the snow!! Which I don't mind but I don't like the snow in early November!  One guy let us in and we taught the restoration for over an hour!! He said we can come back and teach him and his wife more but we haven't been able to get ahold of him yet.

Saturday we helped Roy cut down about ten big trees and haul them out, and we invited him to family history night and he seems to be really interested! Then we had dinner at the Miess', which was great!  

Sunday we had all of the usual things except we had to teach the youth for Sunday school (all five of them!) then after church we finally got ahold of some in actives that we haven't been able to speak with my whole mission in west valley!  That's pretty much it for this week! Love you guys!

P.S. to mom:

Elder Smith is great! He is a really good missionary and I've already learned a lot from him! We are going to get a ton of work done here together! He has been out 22 months and he just got released as a zone leader. It's been cold here, the high is low 40s and it's snowed three times already and next week is supposed to be worse! I'm not nervous driving or anything I'm used to it now! I've probably driven almost 5000 miles out here! The cities are definitely bigger than Salt Lake and there are metropolitan areas all around them. Traffic in Buffalo on the freeway if you go at the wrong time is horrible! The freeway is bigger here too. One thing I no that I don't like is that all of the roads in the entire state don't have numbers, all names and there weird names like Genesee, Cattaraugus, Cochrane, etc..  We met for transfers at the mission off ice in Pittsford. Yeah a lot of people like Springville mostly because of the people like the Owens, and the Beckers, not the area. We eat at the Beckers, Kelly's, Miess', Owens, Senior Owens, and some others. Most of the time for lunch and about half of the time for dinner we eat at the apartment or go to a restaurant. One thing that you could send me only if it's less expensive to ship than to buy a new one is the nice black jacket in the closet. Send me pictures of it and I'll tell you if it’s the right one or if I want it please! Thank you!

Love you!

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  1. Sounds like you do a lot of driving, and doing a lot of service. Proud of and your willingness to do whatever is asked of you. Love you much, Grandma Iris