Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3rd, 2014~ Getting a new companion (Elder Smith)

Hey everyone!                                                                                                  November 3rd, 2014

This week was good but it was a little cold.  I'll tell you more about that a little bit!

So, on Monday we did the usual and went to the Owens for FHE, which is always great!

Tuesday, I went on exchanges over to Arcade again but this time I went with Elder Cramer and we did a bunch of service in the rain. We went to two different people’s houses and stacked wood for most of the day!

Wednesday, we went to the trading post and met with Billy again. He said he would have us over but still hasn't called and he never answers his phone. We also taught Chuck and he finally said that if he came to know what we taught was true he would be baptized but he won't read and his shop is open on Sunday so he can't come to church. So, still a lot of work to do there! Then we went to family history night at the church and I noticed on mine that a bunch of the names have duplicates and I don't know how to fix that or how to make sure they are duplicates, so maybe grandpa could figure out what’s wrong.

Thursday, we had district meeting and then we had game night. We are doing it inside and more people are starting to come to play board games and other games so that's good!

Friday was Halloween. We went to the trading post and they got some sort of bug in some of the boxes so we had to move all of the food out of the building and into the garage! That took forever!

On Halloween, we had to be in by dark so that's like 6 so we went over to the senior couples apartment with the other elders and played cards for the night.

Saturday, we went to Roy’s and cut down and moved a bunch of trees for him in the snow! Yes, I said snow! It wasn't sticking, but it was still cold! And we got him interested in coming to the family history night so hopefully he'll come to that! Then at night we went to the Becker’s for dinner and Cole was there, so that was good! We're trying to get him to church but he's 20 years old and is usually off doing stuff on the weekends. When we came out of the Becker’s there was 2 inches of snow!! It started to stick once the sun went down!

Sunday was fast Sunday and after we went and tried to visit a bunch of potentials but none were home! Today we got transfer calls and Elder Vickers is going to Kodak Park up in Greece and I'm staying and Elder Smith is coming here! I liked Elder Vickers, but a change will be nice! I've been in our area the longest out of all of the people in our district so I guess I'm an expert now! I don't know much about Elder Smith I'll find out when I go get him tomorrow. We have to drive all of the way to Rochester to get him! It's about two hours. So it will use up a couple miles!

The heater works ok.

I  read through the Book of Mormon once already and all of D and C and I've started Book of Mormon again and the New Testament. We study preach my gospel and watch conference talks usually for study.

That's pretty much all!
Love you!!

Elder Daugs

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  1. You are walking or driving as the Savior did, going about doing good for others. Keep warm and take your vitamins. Grandpa & I had the missionaries over yesterday for planning meeting for the week and then we had lunch. I made homemade chicken noodle soup and they loved that. They are sweet and good young men, they work hard and make sure they are getting to their appointments.out We always talk to them about our two missionaries and what they are doing. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. Grandpa & I love you and always keep you in our prayers, Lv Grandma Iris