Monday, July 11, 2016

It's been a quick two years!

Well guys this is it!

It's been a quick two years! Sometimes it seems like it flew by but when I think back to the last thing I did while I was home that seemed like forever ago. This week was a pretty good week. I got to go on exchanges with Elder Peters, one of my favorite missionaries, we met lots of new people, we put two people on baptismal dates for the end of August, I won a king sized kit-kat for guessing where Hayden Schaff is going on his mission (he's going to Fresno California ).

I got to meet the new mission president who is really awesome, but unfortunately I won't get to know him. I'll probably only see him twice, the first time I met him and when I Ieave. And I got to go to pageant on Saturday with the Orchard Park Elders and a less active named Sister Plummer who is super awesome! We went to the grove and to pageant and had a great time. We sang Joseph Smith’s First Prayer in the Sacred Grove, made a couple random people cry, and got to meet all of the people I've met over the past two years at pageant.

Then I had my last Sunday as a full time missionary and got to say good-bye to a lot of good people but they are all so excited to meet you guys next week. I signed a bunch of my ties and gave them to the youth so they can take them on their missions and hopefully it will remind them to keep in touch. So it was a pretty good last full week.

I've learned a lot these last few years and I've grown a lot as well. I'm so grateful for all of the people I got to meet, the Owens, Pfaff's, Robison's, Alessi's, all of the youth here in the ward, and the rest of the great families here in Orchard Park Ward. I really appreciate all of the advice they've given me and the relationships with them I've been able to develop. I've really seen why I was sent here to western New York, to meet the people that I did. I'm sure that I will continue see why I was sent here over the rest of my life as well. I'm going to have to try and stay in touch with all of these people for sure.

A lot of really cool missionaries have become great friends that I'll be a friend with for a long time. I've developed some great habits of scripture study, and really increased my knowledge of the gospel being here in the Cradle of the Restoration. I've really come to love this church and being a member of it. I've come to know my savior Jesus Christ so much better and how he can help me with everything. I really appreciate what Joseph Smith did for this church. I love this gospel. I know it's true.

Behold I Addison, son of Ammon, have grown strong in the gospel of Jesus Christ and do promise to stay true and faithful to it. And I make an end to my speaking. ;)

Love you!

Elder Daugs

The Robison Family!

Brett and Nathaniel Burnard!

Bro. Joel Christophersen

I surprised Sister Pfaff at Pageant as she was taking a picture with Elder Pedersen and Elder Fiesler.

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