Monday, March 14, 2016

When life gives you 70 lbs. of lemons.... (That's a lot of lemonade)

Hey guys!

Sorry we are getting to email late today, so it might not be too long.

We had all of the usual service at the Teresa house and we went to the food bank place in Perry. They gave us a ton of food that nobody wanted. Which isn't really a good thing. It is usual a nice thing, but what are four missionaries going to do with 70 lbs. of organic lemons? Nothing! I already squeezed a whole gallon of juice and we have been giving them away to everyone. We also got a bunch of star fruit.

We had a good lesson with Randy this week and we helped resolve a bunch of concerns with him because he saw some anti-stuff online but the good thing was his first instinct was to defend our religion and he's not even a member!

We also had a good lesson with Brian and there was a girl over at his house that we also taught and is going to meet with us again next week.
We met with Rich again and he is awesome and really wants to do everything God wants him to do.

Also funny story, kinda. So there is this lady going on a mission trip to
Guatemala with her church and we told her we could give her some stuff to bring, so we gave her a Spanish Book of Mormon, the
Restoration, the testaments, and a bunch of our stuff from our church and she's super excited to give it all to the people in Guatemala!

We also had some good visits with the active members like the Moon’s, the Larson’s, and the Pfaff’s had us over and had a birthday dinner for me, which was super nice of them! I really appreciate all that the active members do in this ward! Oh yeah,  and I played piano for sacrament meeting this week.

Other than that, a pretty typical week!

Love you!

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